Crop Busters

Crop Busters

A rousing match-three adventure game for the farmer in everyone!
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License type: Shareware

Crop Busters is a shape matching puzzle game taking place in a country farm. The purpose of the game is to match three or more items of the same type such as roses, logs, coins, or blue jars.
To match items simply click on one and then on another to swap their positions. If the new positions do not produce a match in the surrounding items the swapped items will return to their original positions. Every time you join a pair it will be removed from the level and your money will be increased.

However, to complete each level you need to form special pairs as specified in the lower right corner of the screen by figures on a wooden tile. Once these pairs are made, the wooden tile will be destroyed and you can continue to the next level.

Several bonus items can be found such as a bomb, a golden lock, and a truck. The latter is an optional bonus; on each level you can see how many trucks you need to get in order to get extra money. This is not required but it's good if you want a higher score.

Settings allow full screen mode, music, and sound configuration.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Colorful and beautiful graphics
  • Really good background music
  • Very dynamic and entertaining


  • Idea of the game is very similar to several others
  • Software is way too heavy in disk space
  • Works well only with fast machines
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